My name is Michael Anderson, better known as Mike, but you may call me Augphoto or Auggie. Like many, photography is my passion.

Being born and raised in northern Minnesota all but assured a healthy relationship with nature and it’s infinite nuances. Learning to hunt, fish, camp and otherwise enjoy the outdoors was a right of passage in this small corner of the world, as was an ongoing appreciation of sports. Photography for me manifested itself in the need to document these activities and all the visual wonders which I experienced through them.

As life went on, the creation of my own family caused an increased interest in capturing the human experience, on a whole new level. First came the candid pictures, which I still much prefer, then came an interest in more formal portraiture. As a byproduct of equipping myself with the tools of portrait photography and my interest in natural macro photography I, also, became involved in the art of the still life.

Today, I routinely explore most all the various sub-genres of photography, including travel photography, street photography, and event photography, in addition to those studies already mentioned. My goal is to document all of life and whatever comes with it. So, I will continue my eclectic approach and though I indeed have favorite areas of photography nothing will be safe from my camera.

I fervently hope you enjoy viewing my body of work, as I have definitely enjoyed creating it. At the end of the day, however, I'm just another camera guy.